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 Ajani's Bio

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PostSubject: Ajani's Bio   Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:19 pm

Name: Chaza/Ajani Vengeant

Nickname:The Lion's Wrath

Height: 6'0

Weight: 240lbs

Alignment: Twenner

Finisher: Planewaker Special (Ajani) / Chaza Destroyer (Chaza)

Taunt: Angels Mercy (Ajani) / Kiss in the Darkness (Chaza)

Pic: (something important about the pic you choose, it has to be a drawing, the only persons that will use real persons image are the AWF staff. And try to find a pic without background, so we make sure it looks perfectly fine in the cards, once I make your card I will edit your post and change the pic for the card)

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Chaza is one of the original members of AWF after the demise of it. His life took a drastic turn he started drinking and spending most of his time in bar's. One night he meet Scarlett and he fall in love now they live together and they own a Bar call "Kiss in the Darkness" one night the bar was close he goes out for a walk when hi returned he found a flier on the floor that announced the return of the AWF, after the first show he decided that was time for him to return to the Bloody circus Arena. He is not sure of how his old friends will take this so for the moment he will come back with a new name a powerful one Ajani Vengeant.
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Ajani's Bio
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